10 Common Household Things with Incredibly Surprising Features!

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Household gadgets or things or devices or equipment – whatever we identify them as, they make our lives that little bit easy… But did you know that there are surprising uses of some everyday household items to make our chores easier?!?

The lowdown on the 10 common household things

1. Expiration date on beauty products – We love to stock up on beauty products but are not so careful about checking the expiration dates. If the information is not available on the package, look closely for a symbol on the product that gives us the precise time frame for which the product can be safely used.

10 common household things
Image: Pinterest/LucknowCity.co.in

Almost on every product you pick, there is a container symbol that shows a 6M, 12M or 24M written on it. This is to specify how long you have to use up the product before throwing it away.

2. Make best use of grocery carts – Whenever you do your grocery shopping for the month, it baffles you how to fit every item from the shopping list in the cart. If you are buying fruits and veggies or breakable items like eggs, you tend to keep them on top of the pile in the cart but chances are that these food items might get crushed or break.

10 common household things
Image (for representation only): Freepik/LucknowCity.co.in

Have you noticed the loops on the sides and the back of the cart? Use them to hang the bags that contain fruits or veggies or poultry items. This will make it easier for you to keep the green-grocery shopping fresh and sorted.

3. Making waves with microwave – Microwave ovens are a boon when it comes to quick cooking or reheating. However, when you rush to reheat food or leftovers, there are parts are hot but others are cold. The issue is uneven distribution of heat. Once you address this issue, all parts of the food will be equally heated.

10 common household things
Image: YouTube/LucknowCity.co.in

Try this tip the next time you are reheating something. When you put food on a plate, create a small space in the middle of it. This will heat the food uniformly without you having to make multiple rounds to the kitchen.

4. Using space in microwave ovens optimally – If you have a small microwave, it is inconvenient to heat more than one item at one go. But there is an easier way to make the most of the microwave, despite the size.

10 common household things
Image: Pinterest/LucknowCity.co.in

You can heat two plates easily using this tip. Place one plate in and the other plate on top a mug. The mug will serve as a stand for the second plate of food. So, even the small microwave will have enough space for heating both the plates. Alternatively, you can use a plate stacker as shown above.

5. Fabric patch – When we buy clothes, we usually see spare buttons attached to the apparel. At times, there is also an extra piece of fabric accompanying the button.

10 common household things
Image: Fashion website/LucknowCity.co.in

This piece is not for mending but for testing the dress material to gauge its color fastness or its reaction to different washing agents.

6. Benefiting from the blender – For luscious smoothies, they’ve gotta be blended to perfection! We rely on blenders to spin their magic but, at times, end up with chunky bits of fruits or vegetables in the drink.

10 common household things
Image: Stockvault.net/LucknowCity.co.in

It can be just because you’re not loading the blender correctly. When you begin preparing the drink, always add the liquid first and then add pieces of frozen fruits or vegetables of your choice. This order will ensure that the liquid pulls the pieces down and blend the drink consistently.

7. Keeping the blender beautifully clean and fresh – When you’re so fond of smoothies (read above), it is obvious that the blender is getting used frequently. Cleaning the blender and keeping it smelling fresh is easier done than said with this tip. Don’t scrub or wash the blender, as you do usually. Instead, put a bit of dishwashing liquid and adequate water in the blender and run the machine. Pour the water our and rinse it thoroughly. After this, the blender will be squeaky clean and fresh.

8. Dishwasher woes? Not anymore – Do you have a dishwasher and yet you feel that the dishes do not come out all clean? Recheck the loading style because there is a right way to do it.

10 common household things
Image: iStock/LucknowCity.co.in

As the middle part of the dishwasher has the maximum cleaning power, this is the section where your grimiest utensils or dishes should be loaded. They should be loaded face down and facing the sprayer. Make sure that the detergent dispenser is free from large dishes so that the soapy water distributes evenly for best cleaning.

9. Immeasurably yours – The humble measuring tape at home has a more unique feature than just calculating the LxBxH. Pick a tape and see the markings on it. You might notice some diamond-shaped markings on it. Do you know the purpose of these?

10 common household things
Image: 123RF/LucknowCity.co.in

The markings are known as stud finders. They are useful in locating the right position for nailing wall studs. These markings are also handy in finding the center point between two wall studs and ensure symmetry.

10. Unboxed tin foil – Tin foil is a blessing, but managing to keep the roll in the box as you proceed with wrapping food in it is not! The easy way to do it is to use the tabs at the sides of the box.

10 common household things
Image: YouTube/LucknowCity.co.in

Check the foil pack in your kitchen and you’ll probably see perforated tabs on both sides. Push them in and they will stop the roll from rolling away from you. Sometimes, the perforations are difficult to spot but if you look closely, they’re right there!

Knowing the features that these 10 common household things are already equipped with, gives them more power, and us, more relief!

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