Anuraag 50 Years: When Rajesh Khanna’s stardom saved Dabba from closure, this classic film made on eye donation


50 Years Of Rajesh Khannas Anuraag Anuraag was directed by Shakti Samant with whom Rajesh Khanna gave blockbuster film like Aradhana. Although his role in this film was limited to a cameo, there was no limit to stardom.

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Very few actors in the Indian film industry have got stardom like Rajesh Khanna. In the seventies, long queues of fans used to line up outside the ticket window to see him on screen. His films used to be superhit and blockbuster.

All the stories related to Rajesh Khanna’s stardom are prevalent in Hindi cinema. Some are true and some are such, in which the colors of imagination and exaggeration have been mixed, so that they look spicy. Whatever the story may be, but no one had many doubts about the super stardom of Rajesh Khanna. This stardom gave life to some such films, which were almost impossible to reach the screen, but when released, got the status of classic. Rajesh Khanna’s stardom was such that his cameo almost guaranteed success for the film.

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Film rejected after listening to Anurag’s story

The movie Anurag was released on December 5, 1972. Anurag starred Vinod Mehra, Moushumi Chatterjee and Nutan in lead roles, while it was directed by Shakti Samant. Anurag has turned 50 today. The credit for saving this film goes to Rajesh Khanna, had it not been for him, Anurag would have died before reaching the screen. 

It is about that period, when Rajesh Khanna had hit the box office with a flurry of hits. His innings started with Shakti Samant directed film Aradhana, which came in 1969. After this, the pair’s Kati Patang and Amar Prem were also super hits. Shakti Samant then started working on Anurag, but after hearing the story everyone discouraged him from making the film.

Rajesh Khanna became a savior for Anurag

In an interview, he told that when he narrated the story to Rajesh Khanna, he immediately asked him to start it. On this, Shakti Samant told him that he would not have a role in the film, because the bonding of brother and sister is at the center of the story. But, when Rajesh did not agree, a guest appearance was written for him. To support the film’s release, Rajesh Khanna also became a distributor and formed a film distribution company named Shakti Raj with Shakti Samant. The character of the film’s lead actor Vinod Mehra was also named Rajesh.

The film is based on the importance of eye donation

The story revolves around a blind girl Shivani (Moushumi Chatterjee), who lives in an ashram. She falls in love with Rajesh (Vinod Mehra). Shivani befriends a small boy who has cancer. Rajesh introduces Shivani to his parents for marriage. The mother agrees, but the father refuses. Eye surgeons recommend eye replacement, but for this a donor is needed. Later, the child living in the ashram donates his eyes to Shivani as his last wish. 

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