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Anushka Sharma: Women and men will relate to the character of Bulbbul

Bulbbul producer Anushka Sharma and director Anvita Dutt recently revealed why they chose to tell the story of a woman from innocence to strength. Netflix film Bulbbul, which premiers on June 24, stars Tripti Dimri, Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Paoli Dam.

Sharing how the story of Bulbbul was personal to her, Anvita Dutt said, “I feel a lot of people think that innocence of vulnerability is also weakness, and they don’t realise that there’s inherent strength in every woman. And that journey, where they find strength within themselves, that’s exactly what the film is about. It’s that journey when you grow, not in terms of years or physically, but emotionally, mentally and you become the strongest version of yourself which always existed. You just had to find it. I think all of us have taken charge of our life. We’ve not lost our innocence or joy to become strong. We keep that intact, but we find strength. We find out inner Bulbbul.”

Anushka Sharma journey Bulbbul

Anushka Sharma, who is already riding high on the success of her recent production Paatal Lok on Amazon Prime Video, gave her reasons for backing the fantasy drama.

“The journey of Bulbbul, from innocence to strength, happens because of certain things that happened to her. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a balanced world. So there are a lot of times when you feel like you get pushed to the corner. You get undermined. You are underappreciated. And these are things that I and Anvita can talk from a professional point of view, but then there’s also a social part of it where women are literally not ever made to feel empowered. They are not allowed to grow. When you experience all of these, right from the time you are a little girl, you start to get aware of gender. What that does is it constantly makes you feel angry that you ultimately find that strength in you and transform into a stronger version of yourself, a more resilient version,” Anushka said.

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Anushka Sharma on her journey from young girl to producer: ‘I chose to dive into work as a teenager, have been growing since’

Actor and film producer Anushka Sharma is feeling proud of her accomplishments. On Monday, she shared throwback pictures from her childhood, and recalled her journey over the years.

Her post is a photo collage showing how she also grew into her own just like the lead character from her latest production, Bulbbul. The photos show Bulbbul and herself as young girls and grown women. “The story of Bulbbul is the story of a girl’s journey from innocence to strength and resilience…and it’s a story I’m all too familiar with. Getting to be a part of the modelling industry at the young age of 15 had a lasting impression on me. My dad was a very big influence, always pushing me to work harder and sharing positive affirmations about life and growth,” Anushka captioned her post.

Anushka Sharma journey Bulbbul web series

“From understanding how the industry works to turning into a producer when I was just 25, I started Clean Slate Filmz with a vision to tell the best stories out there. Working with newer faces and fresh talent has definitely given me a new kind of perspective. We are all constantly growing, changing and evolving as humans and there’s a quiet strength to that,” she added.

Bulbbul | Official Trailer | Tripti Dimri, Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary | Netflix India

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