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Bhavna Jat Biography in English

Bhawna Jat, who lives in the backward area of ​​village Kabra in Railmangra tehsil of Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, was born on 19 March 1996 to farmer Shankar Lal Jat and Nassar Devi. Bhawna Jat’s journey has been very challenging. Suresh Jat, who coached Bhavna during school, says that in 2010, Bhavna used to attend class 9 in a government school in her village.  Bhavna Jat Biography in English.

At that time, sports competitions were held on the school star. School’s PTI Hiralal Kumawat asked Bhavna to participate in the walking competition, then Bhavna first asked what sport is this? Then PTI sir not only told but also gave training. From here, Bhavna took this sport as her career.

Bhavna Jat Biography, Height, Career, caste, Olympic Overview

NameBhavna Jat
Father NameShankarlal Jat
Mother NameNosara Devi
Born (DOB)19-03-1996
Age25 Years
Birth PlaceVillage Kabra, District Rajsamand, Rajasthan
FamilyMember Parents and 2
ProfessionIndian racewalker

Bhavna Jat Personal life

Bhavna Jat’s father, Shankar Lal Jat, works as a mechanic along with farming. Mata Nosara Devi is a housewife; elder brother Raju’s mental condition is not good, he stays at home, and his treatment is going on. Another brother, Prakash Jat, works in a private company; Bhawna Jat had dropped out of studies after BA, now she is completing her studies with sports.

Bhavna Jat says that to pursue her, brother Prakash Jat had put his studies at stake. In 2012, Bhavna and her brother Prakash lived in Udaipur with a rented house so that Bhavna could prepare for walking on the Bhopal Nobles University sports ground.

During that time, Prakash left his studies and started a private tire company for 10 thousand rupees a month. The brother would spend half of his salary sending Bhavna to the national competition, and half the money would end up in the living expenses. After staying in Udaipur for one and a half years, Bhavna got selected in Bangalore Sai.

After going there, in the year 2016, Bhavna Jat got a job in the post of Railway TC in Kolkata Howrah from sports quota. I started getting Rs 21 thousand per month. At the same time, the father got a urine-related illness, and the elder brother’s mental condition also got worse. Out of Rs 21 thousand, Bhawna had to pay for sports expenses, illness of father and brother. It was a tough time for Bhavna.

Career and Struggle

Bhawna participated in a school-level national competition for four years, from 2010 to 2014.

After that, in 2014, she won the silver medal in Junior National Championship. Which was the first medal of his life. There Bhavna was trained by Punjab coach Harpreet.

Won Silver Medal in Junior Federation held in Hyderabad in 2014-15.

In 2016, I won a silver medal in the 10 km walking competition held in Jaipur. Won bronze medal in All India Railway had in Lucknow in 2018.

The gold medal was Bhavna Jat’s first gold medal in the 20 km walking competition held in Pune in 2019. In 2019, the Open National was born in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, in which Bhavna again won the gold medal.

In February 2020, Bhawna won the gold medal in the third walking national competition in Ranchi and qualified for the Olympics 2020, setting her new record.  


The journey of Bhavna Jat’s entire career. Bhavna Jat Career Statistics2010 to 2014School Level Competition2014Junior National Championship (Silver Medal)2015Junior Federation (Silver Medal), Hyderabad201610 Km Walking Competition (Silver Medal), Jaipur2016 To 2019Railway Job (TC), Kolkata Howrah201920 Km Walking Competition (Gold Medal), Ranchi and 2020Ranchi In the third walk national Competition (Gold Medal), Qualify for Olympics 2020In the competition held in Ranchi, Bhawna Jat made a new national record of walking round by completing 20 km distance in 1 hour 29 minutes and 54 seconds, time was 1 hour 31 minutes to qualify in Tokyo Olympics 2020. In such a situation, Bhavna also confirmed the ticket for the Olympics. Bhawna Jat is the only female athlete on foot.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 : टोक्यो में दिखेगा Rajsamand की बेटी का दम। Bhawna Jaat । Race Walk। Latest News

Tokyo Olympic 2020 : टोक्यो में दिखेगा Rajsamand की बेटी का दम। Bhawna Jaat । Race Walk। Latest News

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