Bigg boss 15 elimination this week, BB15 Eliminated Contestant Name

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Bigg boss 15 elimination this week, BB15 Eliminated Contestant Name : Bigg Boss 15 Elimination for November 2021: Click now to know the Big Boss 15 Eliminated Contestant Name . Find out who got eliminated this week from the BB15 house. Get latest update on the left over contestants in the Bigg Boss House hosted by Salman Khan.

As the 2nd weekend was finally seen in the Bigg Boss house on 23rd and 24th Oct after it was started on 03rd Oct 2021. Now this Sunday we even saw Farah Khan, Bhuvan Bam, Bappi Lehri as the guest for the weekend. Thus after that the host, Salman Khan took the class of the contestants. Thus it is always exciting to watch Bigg Boss episodes and with the weekend the fun gets double. Hence, this time too Salman slammed the contestants based on their individual performances in the entire week. Wherein we saw he was praising Shamita Shetty too.

So a lot more fun and twists of the last weekend ka waar will be discussed here. Therefore in case you have missed the last show and have no time to see the full show again. Then do not worry, we will give you the glimpse of the same here. Thus you must check the article now to get the full feel of the Bigg Boss 15 4th Elimination Week. Also do not forget to mention or write to us your favorite contestant of this BB Season 15.

Bigg Boss 15 Elimination 7 Nov 2021

So starting with a total of 15 contestants earlier, whose name you can check here. Now after the 1st week of the Bigg Boss 15 Elimination in the BB house, we were left with now 14 contestants. So this Sunday, Salman started with Dangal round, in which the winner gets a medal from him. Certainly this was the BB Season 15 First Dangal Round b/w Umar Riaz and Ieshaan Sehgal. Finally we saw the Bigg Boss stage welcoming Bappi Lehri with his grandson for his new album. Indeed BB is a great platform for new launches and we see guests during weekends.

Miesha Iyer Got Eliminated on Weekend ka Waar of Bigg Boss 15.

BB15 Eliminated Contestant Name

Thus, this time we had 6 contestants out of 14 in Bigg Boss 15 Elimination round. So out of them 1 was set to get evicted as the weekend ka waar approaches the end. And so all the viewers had the time to vote for their favorite contestants via Voot, MyJio App etc till Sunday Morning. Thereafter the votes were registered and finally the BB15 Eliminated Contestant Name is revealed by Salman Khan. So we will get back to the final eliminated contestant name later, however now we will have a look at this weeks performance of contestants at BB house.

BB 15 Eleminiation 6 Nov 2021

So after the entry of the 3 contestants from the BB OTT Show. We finally saw a new twist this season at the BB house. For instance, the new contestants were given tag of “Junglewasis” and were thus kept outside the BB house in the lawn/ Jungle. However the previous OTT contestants were kept inside the Bigg Boss house, hence were tagged as “Gharwasis”. While the benefit of being a Gharwasi is that they get to enjoy all the luxuries as provided to them, which is not allowed to Junglewasis for now.

So time to time some games are being organized which in turn give a chance to the winners amongst the Junglewasis to secure the place in the main house of BB. Therefore similar task was scene this time too. As in the given Sugarcane task, 3 teams were then formed. Which was Team Tiger, Plant Team and Deer Team.

Bigs Boss 15 Elimination Eliminated Contestant Name

List of Nominated Contestants in 5th week of Bigs Boss 15

So this time we have six contestants in the danger zone or in the nomination. Thereafter it is sure that one of them has to leave the show this Sunday. However first let us check the names of the nominated players here:

  • Donal Bisht
  • Ieshaan Sehgaal
  • Vidhi Pandaya
  • Afsana Khan
  • Vishal Kotian
  • Akasa Singh

Bigg Boss Season 15 Elimination Round Evicted Contestant Name

As per the viewers of the Bigg Boss Season 15 Elimination, they were expecting Akasa Singh to finally get eliminated this week. As she is not giving enough contribution in the present house. Though, the stakes are very high, and anytime expected things can happen in the Bigg Boss weekend ka War. Therefore, it will be too soon to say a name now. Let us now see the voting result here, to check BB15 Eliminated Contestant Name:

Name of the ContestantFinal Weekend Vote share
A. Donal Bisht13%
B. Vishal Kotiyan15%
C. Akasa Singh11%
D. Vidhi Pandya12%
E. Ieshaan Sehgaal9% (In Danger Zone)
F. Afsana Khan9% (In Danger Zone)

Bigg Boss 15 Eliminated Contestant Name:

As both Afsana Khan and Ieshaan Sehgaal were in the danger zone with the least no. of the votes. Thus people were quite curios to see who finally bids farewell to the Bigg Boss Season 15 house in the Second week. Indeed surviving in the house is quite tough, as the only hope is the votes of the viewers.

Thereafter as finally Farah khan, walked into the Bigg Boss Season Fifteen house, she told that this week, there will be “NO ELIMINATION this week“. Thus what else our contestants could ask for? While, your favorite contestants are making efforts to finally win your heart. Make sure you are voting for them here. So, here is how you can do that.

FAQs: BB 15 Elimination Nov 2021

Can you tell the BB15 Eliminated Contestant Name in the second week?

This second week of the BB15 brought great surprise for the contestants. As there was no elimination this week.

Who got least votes in the second week of BB15?

There were 2 contestants in the bottom list amongst the nominated ones. They were Ieshaan Sehgaal and Afsana Khan. Thus both managed to grab only 9% of the votes.

How many contestants are finally left in the BB season 15 house?

With just 1 elimination as of now, we thus have 14 contestants left at BB 15 house.

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