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29-year-old Bollywood actress and model Anveshi Jain has become a popular celebrity within a short span of time. After her debut as an actress in 2019, her fame has shot up. She has a large number of followers in her social media accounts and turns out she was amongst the most googled actresses from India for 2020.

Anveshi Jain is a curvaceous beauty. The actress flaunts her curves in scorching photos from time to time. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain looks sexy in the white crop top and blue denims. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain looks sensuous in the pink saree. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain keeps it sexy in the sports bra and leggings. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain shows off her curves in the white saree. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain looks chic in the sexy dress. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain looks hot in the chain dress. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain looks drop-dead gorgeous in sarees. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain is a sight to behold against the setting sun. (Image: Instagram)

Anveshi Jain keeps it smart in the denim ensemble. (Image: Instagram)

Here are 6 things to know about the actress.

  • Anveshi Jain debuted in 2019 with the second season of ALT Balaji’s erotic series, Gandii Baat. Later she was seen in other shows and movies like Who’s Your Daddy, G the Film, and BOSS: Baap of Special Services. 
  • Jain has been unofficially called the Most Googled Bollywood actress of 2020. 
  • Born to a Jain family in the town of Khajuraho, Anveshi Jain migrated to Mumbai with dreams of becoming an actress. She had dropped out of her MBA course before coming to Mumbai.
  • Apart from being an actress, she is also a singer, a model, a host of shows. She has hosted more than 100 shows including several corporate events.
  • Jain has a degree in electrical engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Madhya Pradesh. 
  • In June 2020 the actress launched a paid app that goes by her name. She posts videos and pictures of herself in the app that became quite successful during the lockdown the previous year. 
  • She has over 3 million followers on instagram.
  • The actor portrayed the role of a sexologist in an Telugu film. Talking about women and desire, Anveshi Jain ridiculed society for making assumptions about who who talk about female pleasure. They are “considered as easily available,” she said in an interview.
  • Anveshi says she gets her confidence from her father. “He is outbound, while my mom is incredibly shy. She dwells in doubts and worries which possibly are all mothers’ traits across the globe. She is so fragile and I love that about her. On the other hand, I’m head strong and independent.”
  • Anveshi says she has steered clear of her mom’s advice to her, which is often asking her to get married. “Well only career advice she gives is “Shaadi Kar Lo”. Too early to say if it is the best piece of advice.”

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