Doctor’s prescription on WhatsApp? There may be a problem in Medical Insurance

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Doctor’s prescription on WhatsApp? There may be a problem in Medical Insurance | lucknowfirst | Insurance.


  • Insurance companies do not insure on the basis of Whatsapp documents.
  • The RTPCR test is also not being given importance.
  • Not matching in the hospital, the opportunity of Cashless Transactions.

This time Digital Desk : There is no protection in Ram alone, my Sugriva partner. Many have been devastated by the second wave of Covid Extreme. This time the problem of medical insurance has also become a partner. The situation is such that in addition to turning away from Covid, this time it has become a real challenge for the citizens to recover their medical insurance .

In the first stage of covid hyperthermia, patients were treated primarily in two ways. The doctors said that the patients who are in critical condition should be taken to the hospital and the patients who are not in critical condition should be treated at home. Insurance companies arranged insurance in both cases. IRDI for those who are undergoing treatment at homeInsurance companies have introduced a new scheme called Corona Kavach.

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But the situation has changed a lot in the second stage of Covid Extreme. The cry for oxygen, for hospital beds, is going on all over the country. The busyness of the doctors has also increased several times. In many cases, doctors are unable to see Covid patients directly. Reliance is the mobile phone. Prescriptions are also coming through WhatsApp. Patients are having some problems with that According to them, the insurance companies are refusing to accept the documents sent through Whatsapp in various cases, as a result of which the patient is not getting the money due for the treatment.

When Shankar Bali, Joint Managing Director of Vidal Health, was contacted in this regard, he said, ‘Simple Whatsapp messages do not work. We usually ask the patient or the patient’s family to bring a prescription signed on the letterhead of the doctor sent from the hospital. It also works on a doctor’s formal prescription But it is not possible for us to give policy in any other case except these two. Despite Shankarbabu’s remarks, allegations have surfaced that in many cases, various medical insurance companies are reluctant to issue policies even if they have a formal doctor’s prescription.

But the suffering of covid patients does not end here. In case of Insurance, the time of application is fixed. Many people have said that there is a problem with getting insurance money if they apply after that time. There is also non-cooperation from the hospital. In many cases the patient is not being given the opportunity of Cashless Transaction. This matter has recently come to the notice of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman . He said that immediate steps will be taken in this regard.

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