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Is Bitboy Crypto Deals a legit cryptocurrency dealer or a scam?

Obvious scam

If you do the math, you’ll see in just a few seconds that it can’t possibly be real. Here are two ways to see it must be a scam:

First way:

lets assume it was real. They claim they will pay you 20% after 20 hours. If you invest just $20 and roll that over every day for three months, you wind up with $267 million. In simpler terms mean that they have the magic wand to turn$20 into $267 million in just three months!!

Do believe that it’s possible to turn $20 into $267 million in three months??

Second way:

They are offering to pay you 20% to borrow your money for just 20 hours. Why would they do that though? Even awful ways to borrow money, say a credit card cash advance, only cost about 5% for 30 days.

one would have to ask his or herself why they are so keen to use your money and pay higher interest rates when other cheaper options are available.

Why would they pay so much more than they have to?

Bitboy crypto deals 2021

Bitboy crypto seems like a crypto news anchor. He tries his best, but sometimes he gets ay to emotional. But overall ive seen his show for about a year, and he knows his stuff i believe he has been in the crypto space since 2015 or 2017, But I’ve been in crypto since 2009. Although, didn’t initially invest until a few years later.

But what ive seen from the crypto space, is that the market is adjusting itself. And improving. It ill probably take another 5–10 years to have a more stable market.

Bitboy crypto deals and partnership

Bitboy is legit. Actually, Bitboy is now a partnership with Howdoo, The leading social media app powered by blockchain. HowdooTrading Series Round 2 on Kucoin is LIVE! The action is already LIVE. Head over to KuCoin and start trading immediately.

Success stories . Video: BITBOY CRYPTO WAS WRONG!!

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