Inspector Anirudh Singh : popularly known as Singham became DSP in Uttar Pradesh

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Inspector Anirudh Singh, known as Singham, became DSP in UP:

Inspector Anirudh Singh
Inspector Anirudh Singh

  1. UP’s well-known Inspector Anirudh Singh got another promotion. Anirudh Singh has been promoted from Inspector to the post of Deputy SP. Please tell, Anirudh Singh has been posted at various places in Chandauli district as Sub Inspector, Police Station and Kotwal as well as SOG incharge. Currently, Anirudh Singh is posted in CBCID in Varanasi district.

Inspector Aniruddha singh has also taken command on crime Branch:

  1. According to the information, Anirudh Singh was posted in Varanasi district in 2001 after being admitted to the police service. After this, he got his first posting in Banaras Kotwali. Not only this, Anirudh Singh has also been serving as a stationary and police officer at more than three dozen police stations in Banaras, Chandauli, Jaunpur, Lucknow, Moradabad, Prayagraj district. These stations include Syedaraja, Alinagar and Mughalsarai Kotwali of Chandauli district. Important stations include Kathghar, Thakurdwara and Kotwali in Moradabad, Zafarabad and Kotwali in Jaunpur district, Cantt in Banaras, Aliganj in Lucknow, Jhunsi in Prayagraj. Apart from this, Anirudh Singh has also taken charge of crime branch in many districts.

Jhunna Rai had her first encounter

  1. Let me tell you, Anirudh Singh’s first encounter was in the news. Anirudh Singh made his first encounter with Jhunna Rai in Benares. After this, in 2007, he killed Sanjay Cole, the state’s biggest prize naxalite in Chandauli, after which he was named for Out of Turn Promotion. Since becoming an inspector in January 2011, he has done commendable work in many districts.

Deployment may happen soon

  1. According to the information, he has been informed by the Public Service Commission two days in advance. The names of a total of 84 people have been stamped in the departmental DPC, including the name of Anirudh Singh. Soon after the order comes, Anirudh Singh can be deployed at the new place. Please tell, Anirudh Singh is originally from Koch town of Jalaun district. He did his early studies with a coach. After his studies, he received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Allahabad.
Anirudh Singh:A journey of a real life ‘dabang’ cop to reel life : Anirudh Singh Inspector biography

  1. UP Police Inspector Anirudh Singh, who came into the limelight after he infused fear of his presence in the hearts of the dreaded criminals of Purvanchal, has made a brilliant debut in the Telugu film.
  2. His film “Doctor Chakraborty” has been released in Telangana on July 14 . He is known as Encounter Specialist and Dabang policeman. Currently, Anirudh Singh is serving in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh.
  3. Talking to the Lucknow Journal, Singh told that it was just by-chance that he is working in films.
  4. “It was a pure coincidence that I joined films but I am happy about it. The artistic side of mine has got a platform to showcase my talent.However, being an real life cop has its own charm and glory for me for which I am completely committed to protect people and to implement rules of law,” added Singh.
  5. Talking about his upcoming film ‘Guns of Banaras’, Anirudh apprised that Guns of Banaras is a remake of 2007 Tamil film ‘Polladhavan’. This is a contemporary action drama that revolves around a young man love affair with his motorcycle and the trauma and turmoil he was forced to undergo when it lost. 
He played a role of policeman in reel life :Anirudh Singh Inspector biography
  1. Encounter specialist Anirudh Singh, who has played small roles in many films so far, has also played the role of a policeman in reel life.
  2. This is his first film with a solo hero. He is playing the role of ACP in this Tollywood film.
  3. He said that the film is based on a true incident. It has a message for the audience. The director of this film is Shekhar Suri.
This is how his filmy career started | Dsp Anirudh Singh Movie
  1. Anirudh has also previously worked with Shekhar Suri in ‘Guns of Banaras’. The two met during the shooting of a film in Varanasi. At that time Anirudh Singh was posted in the Cantt Police Station of Varanasi.
  2. At the first sight, Shekhar Suri liked Anirudh Singh as a hero. After this, the film career of this high-profile police inspector of UP Police began.
 26 encounters, came  into limelight in 2005 | Anirudh Singh actor
  1. Anirudh Singh is originally from Jalaun. He is a 2001 batch inspector.During his tenure in Varanasi, Jaunpur, Chandauli, he was very popular.
He has done 26 encounters so far. | Anirudh Singh Wikipedia page
  1. His fearless personality came to light in 2005 when a criminal carrying a reward of Rs 50,000 was shot him in Varanasi for fear of arrest.Despite being injured, Singh single-highhandedly killed the crook.
  2. Although, senior officers described it as a public outrage, but even after that, he did not get disappointed.