Insurance : Apply 160 rupees daily in this policy of LIC. Lakhpati will be made in this time

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New Delhi, Business Desk. If you want to become a Millionaire even without investing money in the stock market or other instruments, then there are many options in the market that can help you. Among these, the policy of LIC is also rewarding investors without risk. The money back policy of one such LIC is becoming very popular.

LIC New Money Back Policy

How to become millionaire: LIC’s new money back policy is pleasing to investors. It has two types of LIC Maturity plan. Investor can choose any term in 20 and 25 year periods. If the policy taker invests 160 rupees a day for 25 years, then he will get 23 lakh rupees on maturity. In this, Annual Premium is made around 60 thousand rupees.

20 percent amount back

How to become millionaire: Whoever invests in the New Money Back Policy gets 15 to 20 percent of their money back every 5 years. Not only this, investors are also given bonuses on maturity. The amount of the policy is tax free policy. There is also a tax rebate on interest and premium payments.

How much money will you get

The investor gets one and a half lakh rupees back every 5 years. In the form of Bonus, you get around 11 lakh rupees. And there is an additional bonus of 2.25 lakh rupees. The minimum age is 13 years.

New Children’s Money Back Plan

How to become millionaire: Apart from this, LIC’s New Children’s Money Back Plan is also a very useful policy. It has been made keeping in mind the cost of children’s education and marriage. Apart from this, there is a life insurance cover for them in this policy. 

New Children’s Money Back Plan

The minimum age for taking this insurance is 10 years.

Maximum age of insurance is 12 years.

Its minimum insurance premium is Rs 10,000.

There is no limit to maximum insurance coverage.

There is also a Premium Waver Benefit rider-option.

Maturity starts from 18 years

How to become millionaire: According to the information given on the website of LIC, under this policy, the policy holder gets 20 percent of Sum Assured in the money back. This amount is available when you are 18, 20 and 22 years old. The remaining 40 per cent of the money comes with a bonus.

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