Madeline Carroll: Biography, net worth, boyfriend, age 2021, birth chart2022

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Madeline Carroll: Biography, net worth, boyfriend, age 2021, birth chart

Madeline Carroll is an American actress known for her roles in Swing Vote (2008) and Flipped (2010).  

Quick Information
  • Full Name  Madeline Carroll
  • Occupation  Actress
  • Nationality  America
  • Birthplace  California, USA
  • Profession  March 18, 1996

Madeline Carroll is an American actress known for her roles in Swing Vote (2008) and Flipped (2010).  

Who is Madeline Carroll?

Carroll entered the movie industry as a child actress at the age of three. Her prominent roles include The Spy Next Door (2010), Flipped (2010), Machine Gun Preacher (2011), and Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011).  

Carroll started modeling for commercials from her childhood. Her parents drove her to shoots, and she remembers those moments as one of the fun parts of her childhood. She then got minor roles in tv series, movies and gradually landed in the first lead role in Swing Vote (2008). The film changed her impact in the acting community, and she received back-to-back roles in movies.

While she was 16, Carroll started receiving the roles of a teenager portraying mature content. As she was not comfortable acting in such movies, she rejected many movies and often changed agencies. Carroll was about to quit before she got to work in faith, portraying movies like God Bless the Broken Road (2018) and I can only Imagine (2018). It was the first time that she got movies related to her faith and passion for acting.

Hence, she continued her career. Her latest movie was I Still Believe (2020), where she explored her filmmaking talents while acting.

Early Life

Carroll was born on 18 March 1996 in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a Christian family and grew among her three siblings – two younger brothers and one older brother. She is closer to her mother than her father and went to a private school.

Carroll was three years old when she was discovered by a theatrical talent agent in a nail salon in Sherman Oaks. She began establishing her career after that. Though her parents were not from the film background, they encouraged her endeavors.

Reminiscing her childhood, Carroll added, “And when I was younger, I loved it. It was just fun, it was like my soccer or baseball, my mom would drive me to all these different additions and just the favor of the Lord, I was used to working. Looking back now I realize how much it was God because as you get older it obviously gets harder. But I had a lot of favor, a lot of opportunities.”


Carroll’s career in the movie industry took off from acting in commercials. He had done more than 60 commercials and appeared in minor roles on the screen from the age of three. Her first movie as one of the leads was Swing Vote (2008) alongside Kevin Costner. She was only twelve years old then. Many praised her acting potential after the movie, and it opened many doors for her.

Carroll continued doing minor roles in tv series such as Grey’s Anatomy (2005- ongoing), Entertainment Tonight (1981- ongoing), The Cleaner (2008-2009), Cold Case (2003-2010), Lie to me (2009-2011). In 2009, she did a voice-over for an animated action-comedy movie Astro (2009).  

Following that year, she did Roshambo, The Quinn-tuplets, The Spy Next Door, and Flipped. In 2011, she acted in R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: Nightmare Inn, Cafe, Machine Gun Preacher, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  

As she grew older, she got mature and specifical roles of a teenager with bad behavior, including nudity. As she was doing the roles of a young daughter, Carroll did not find it comfortable. She even rejected a superhero movie for the same reason. The film did not require her to be auditioned for the role and offered a significant amount of money.

Carroll had mentioned in several interviews that her faith and morals did not guide her to compromise for her career. She said, “And then I hit 15 and my career was really, really taken off and I had just started promoting, or finished promoting actually, a movie called Machine Gun Preacher. And that year turned 16, that whole year the opportunities that started coming my way were just things that I really wouldn’t want to do. All of a sudden I wasn’t really playing the daughter role anymore. I was going to be the teenager who wanted to sleep with people and wanted to have sex and all this stuff. And I was super, super uncomfortable. And I’ve always been a Christian, always loved the Lord, but even just my own morals, I didn’t want to do that. And I remember that whole year just being like, okay, well we’ll just wait for the next one, wait for the next one, we’ll wait for the next one.”

Carroll took very limited roles during her teenage years. She accepted the roles she felt comfortable with. She also struggled with her agent and had to change her agency three times. During those times, her handful of roles were a short comedy film Shit Italian Moms Say (2012), Morgan Freeman’s The Magic of Belle Isle (2012), tv-series Scandal (2012-2018), Blink (2013), Zero Tolerance (2017), Destined to Ride (2018), and Indivisible II (2018).

After those roles, Carroll was ready to quit acting and was about to call her agent. But then she received God Bless the Broken Road (2018) and took the role. Followed by that, she acted in another blockbuster movie, I can only Imagine (2018), which changed her mind about quitting.

After she met the creators of I can only Imagine, Carroll found her interest in acting and faith realigned. She said, “The first people [Erwin Brothers] I had ever come in contact with that … wanted to do what I wanted to do. It is so rare… It’s time for Hollywood to wake up! There are people out there like me, like you that want to do something for His glory.”

Subsequently, in 2019 she did a short drama, Then & Now (2019). The next year, in addition to acting in I Still Believe (2020), Carroll stood behind the camera to learn filmmaking. She was also one of the screenwriters for the movie. The movie was about a Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey in love. It was a hit that grossed 17.1 million dollars in the USA in its opening week. It was Carroll’s finest accomplishment after struggling to find the appropriate genre for herself.

In a promotional interview of the movie, she said, “The biggest thing I can say is, God is so faithful. He is so faithful to our dreams. That was something I had desired for a little while, but I never knew how it was going to happen or how I was going to get there. Each step I took, the Lord literally just made the path clear before me.”

Awards and Honors

In 2009, Carroll was nominated for the ‘Young Artist Award’ under Best Performance in a Feature Film: Leading Young Actress for her role in Swing Vote. In 2019, she won an accumulative award with the cast of Then & Now (2019) in Madrid International Film Festival under Best Short Comedy. It also earned the Best Short Film by Women at the Burbank International Film Festival.  

Personal Life

Carroll is a faithful follower of Christianity. She has been a vigorous advocate of her beliefs. In her time, she feeds the homeless at Skid Row with her family. Also, she is interested in listening to murder mysteries and goes hiking.

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