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PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary Status 2022 can be checked online on : Check PM Kisan 11th Beneficiary List which is released online on 16 December online. The main scheme of the central government which was in leu of the benefits of the small farmers. Yes it is the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme which through which the farmers get the quarterly installment of Rs. 2000. Earlier we have seen the 9th Installment of the same for the month of Aug till November 2022.

PM Kisan 10th Installment स्टेटस आज से चेक हो सकता है, 11th बेनेफिशरी लिस्ट 16 दिसंबर 2022 को जारी हो चुकी है, प्रधान मंत्री Shri नरेंद्र मोदी जी ने 15 दिसंबर 2022 की बजाये 16 दिसंबर 2022 को जारी कर दी है.

Thus now the farmers can thus register for the upcoming PM Kisan 10th Installment Status 2021 that is Dec 2021 to March 2021. So they can avail the PM Kisan Next Installment 2022. However the farmers who have already registered for the previous installments, now no need to re register for the same.

PM Kisan 10th Installment Status 2022

So here we will now have a look at the upcoming PM Kisan 10th Installment List 2022, the process of registration for the same. Moreover, you will also be able to check if your name is there in the PM Kisan 10th Installment Status or not. Thus you must check the entire article below and get yourself registered for the next installment. 10th Installment List 2021

The prime project of the Central government for the small framers of the nation was the Kisan Samman Nidhi. Thus it was started back in 2019 with the first installment was released from Dec 2019 to March 2021. Even during the hard times of Corona, the installment continued and now the farmers got their 9th Installment in the Aug month. For the same, Rs. 19500 cr. is directly shared in their bank accounts.

In the upcoming months the central government is too focusing on increasing the amount of the installment from 2000 rs to 4000 rs quarterly. However the same is not official now, so you will have to wait for the announcement from Prime Minister itself. But for now it is the time for next instalment, so they must first get themselves registered. And then can check the 10th Beneficiary List thereafter.

PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary Status Check

Now this is for the applicants who are applying for the first time. As the PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary Status 2021 is of Rs. 2000 is already shared with the account holders for the quarter Aug to Nov 2021. Thus now after your registration, once the same is checked by the govt. and verified. Thereafter they will get the 10th Installment List for the next quarter.


  • This is only for the small farmers with holding land of 2 hectares.
  • Moreover they must not hold any of the post in the governmental organization.
  • They must not get the monthly pension of 10000 or even more than that.
  • Finally they must not be availing any of such monetary benefit from any other schemes. Else they will not be applicable for this scheme.

PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary List Registration Steps:

So now let us now check the steps with which you can now register yourself for the same and thus avail the monetary benefit:

  • Firstly you will have to visit the PM Kisan Site using the link
  • Secondly you will then have to directly check the “Farmers Registration under the Farmers Corner” section, which is there on their site.
  • Afterwards you then have to then check either you are applying from the Rural area or the urban area. And the application language you are comfortable in that is English or Hindi.
  • Thereafter now fill the Aadhar no. and the state from which you are applying.
  • Finally fill the code and the pre registration process is over.
  • After this you will have to submit related documents like your land paper and the Aadhar ID Card there and even the bank account details for the proof. Give details of the income there.
  • Lastly press submit and get the PM Kisan registration is now over.

Check 10th Beneficiary List 2021

Now is the time for checking the 10th Beneficiary Status for the PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary list 2021. Therefore, please remember that this 10th Installment List will be out for the quarter of Dec 2021 to March 2022. Therefore, firstly as for the new registration done by some farmers here, their names and details will be verified by the officials. Afterwards they can check the their name using the steps that I will be sharing next.

However you must note that the names will come automatically for the ones who have registered already before and so they are availing the benefit as well. And now for the ones done with fresh registration, then if they didn’t get the names in the PM Kisan 11h Installment list. Then it signifies that there must be something wrong in their application and they must then re register for next quarter that is for 11th installment. But with correct details this time.

  • Firstly you will have to visit the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi portal using link
  • Secondly you will have to again visit the “Farmers corner” in the homepage and select the option of “PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary List there”.
  • Thereafter as you check the new page, kindly fill the state, district, then sub district, your block name and finally the village name there.
  • Lastly as you press the Get report there, the PM Kisan 11th Installment Status will come and you can check your name.

Links To Check PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary Status 2022

Official Website Here
PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary Status 2022Check Here
PM Kisan 10th Installment List 2022 (Alternate Link)Check Here

PM Kisan 10th Installment Beneficiary List 2021 FAQs:

When we will get the PM Kisan 10th Beneficiary status 2021 ?

This will be given for the quarter Dec 2021 to Mar 2021. Thus you will get the installment in the month of Dec 2021.

When can I check if my name is there on the PM Kisan 10th Installment beneficiary list or not?

You can check it on 16 December 2021 for the PM Kisan 10th installment Status.

How can I check my PM Kisan 10th Installment Status ?

This can be done on their site itself. Just fill in the details there like your Aadhar no. or even the Acc. no. there. The link of the 10th Beneficiary status is already shared above. Thus you can use the same.

What is the amount of the PM Kisan 10th Installment?

It will be Rs. 2000.

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