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satna murder news

Jabalpur . In Satna, Madhya Pradesh, a doctor killed a nurse working at his clinic and buried his body near the clinic along with the body of an abandoned dog. When the smell came out of the buried corpse, people were told the body of the dog, so no one doubted it.

Satna News Murder latest

Police said that the deceased was a nurse by profession and used to work in the clinic of Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi (BDS). The doctor murdered the nurse and buried the body next to the clinic. The deceased was missing since 14 December. The family of the deceased filed a complaint on 1 February. After which the police started searching for him. The accused doctor is in police custody.

Satna news on murder latest , Madhya Pradesh

Satna news on murder latest , Madhya Pradesh

The accused doctor, confessing his crime, told the police that he buried the dead body near his clinic. To prevent any suspicion on the smell, he buried the body of the dog together. According to the statement of Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi, the work of digging the pit has started. The corpse has not yet arrived, but the body of the dog has been found. The doctor says that there is a corpse under it. Excavation work is going on.