Shahrukh to do a film with the makers of KGF and ‘Kantara’!


Hombale Films. Company making blockbuster movies like KGF and ‘Kantara’. These people are also making Prabhas’ film ‘Salar’. Now the news has come that Hombale Films does not want to stay only in South. In Guddu Bhaiya’s language, he needs full respect. Hombale is going to make his first Hindi film. And according to media reports, he has approached Shah Rukh Khan for this film. 

The information didn’t just end here. According to a report published in News 18 Kannada, it will be a mass action film. Rohit Shetty will handle the responsibility of directing the film. Rishabh Shetty, who made ‘Kantara’, will also be seen in the film. Wait, there’s more. Rakshit Shetty, who has worked in ‘777 Charlie’ and ‘Kirik Party’, is also going to act in the film. However, both these Kannada actors will not have full fledged roles. They are just going to do cameos. According to the report, Rohit Shetty has prepared separate roles for both these actors. 

It is being told that Hombale has talked to Shahrukh and he will announce this project in the coming days. Shahrukh’s three films are going to be released in 2023, out of which ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan’ are action films. Shahrukh is serious about exploring the action genre. In such a situation, if there is a collaboration with Hombale, then it can be one of the big films of Indian cinema. 

Recently he gave an interview to Deadline. Where while talking on ‘Pathan’ said,

I have never done action films. Always did films with lovely love story. Worked in some social dramas. Became a villain in some films. But no one takes me in an action film. Now I am 57 years old and I have thought that for the next 10 years I will do only action films. 

Shahrukh is returning to full fledged roles after almost five years. His comeback film ‘Pathan’ is going to release on January 25, 2023. His next release ‘Jawan’ will come on June 02, 2023.