TechDemocracy expands reach with new business hubs in Canada and India


NEW YORK and HYDERABAD , India, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TechDemocracy, one of the leading providers of cybersecurity services, specifically Identity and Access Management solutions, announced its entry into the Canadian market with the opening of its new office in Carleton Street Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The cybersecurity firm, which is the parent company of Cotelligent India Pvt Ltd, now boasts of over 300 employees across the globe and is also expanding its presence in India with a new office in Skyview, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


TechDemocracy sees cybersecurity as one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada and is firmly committed to help its customers and partners by providing customized, local resources and ensuring adherence with data privacy laws. The company intends to leverage its extensive experience working with numerous clients as a trusted partner to benefit Canadian private and government entities.

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Meanwhile, TechDemocracy’s efforts to magnify its presence in India reflects the firm’s efforts to mobilize its vast pool of resources and to rapidly equip the subsidiary with the personnel and capabilities required to offer new customers cybersecurity solutions at affordable costs.

CEO’s insights

TechDemocracy CEO Srikiran Patibandla said, “We know the solutions landscape and understand the challenges that our clients face in supporting their customers. Our highly experienced team of former CISOs, security technologists, and operations experts continuously leverage their learnings and experiences. Their invaluable hands-on experience allows them to deal with any eventuality and develop innovative solutions to help clients maximize their value and communicate the effectiveness of their cybersecurity programs.

“As an invested Canadian business and partner to local communities, TechDemocracy can offer a global reach with a local touch. We are unique in our ability to marry global resources and internal expertise to provide customised solutions – we are the only security solutions integrator who can provide this combination.”

TechDemocracy’s brainchild – Intellicta – seamlessly secures against cyber threats

TechDemocracy’s brainchild – Intellicta – seamlessly secures against cyber threats

TechDemocracy’s unique product – Intellicta – is the first of its kind to provide enterprises with a holistic assessment of their cybersecurity, compliance, risk and governance.

“Intellicta, a risk-based AI/ML platform positions us to tackle Canada’s cybersecurity challenges,” added Patibandla. “While the traditional threat-centric approach focuses first on identifying specific threats and then reacting, Intellicta begins by identifying the core requirements of every enterprise – risk mitigation – and building on it. We have a sustainable and proven risk-centric framework, implementing proactive and measurable security programs that are far more effective at reducing current and future risks than any other model.”

Identity and Access Management solutions in the Canadian market

The company’s venture into the Canadian market reflects its goals of securing a foothold in the North American market. TechDemocracy’s aims to provide Canadian entities with modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions such as Identity Lifecycle Management, Access Governance and Single Sign-on, and more. These services provide clients with a sustainable advantage in securing their businesses.

“The Canadian expansion helps us leverage this core value chain and positions TechDemocracy for new market penetration for Intellicta and other solutions. We aim to engage new customers to exploit capabilities and resources strengths,” Patibandla said.

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About TechDemocracy

TechDemocracy is a framework-driven cybersecurity firm committed to implementing a safe and resilient cyberspace through its proprietary unique solution program that matches every business’ requirements. TechDemocracy’s unique platform “Intellicta”, provides holistic assessment of entities’ cybersecurity structure and empowers decision-makers to understand, evaluate and determine the effectiveness of their cybersecurity, governance, risk, and compliance programs.


1 Corporate Place South,
Suite110, Piscataway,
NJ 08854

140 Carleton Street,
Suite 501, Fredericton,
NB E2B 3T4

No 83/1, The Skyview 20,
Raidurgam, Hyderabad

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