Telugu News sites: Top Telugu News Sites

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Telugu News site: Top Telugu News Sites

We all are interested about the news going on everywhere right?Some times we listen about some news in TV and to know detail information regarding it,we need to wait till newspaper comes at morning.But why should you control your anxiety or hunger towards news in society?Know now itself when ever you need,There are many telugu news websites which updates many news and trends time to time.Lets see some of the top telugu news sites today.

There are many telugu newspapers which were very popular all over,these were not only meant for news paper purpose but there are also websites for them which makes us to know news quickly in their websites itself,instead of waiting for newspaper and there are some websites which are not in news paper form or TV,but are very popular wise in websites.Lets see few websites regarded to news,

Our first news website is

Telugu global was the best popular website which was designed to provide all the news regarding political issues and local,Non-local contravasy going out and they also analyse each and every issue running in and around.Apart from society,political they also provide news regarding movies or gossips etc.There is option of english and as well as telugu website we can choose the language we feel free.This website was especially designed for indians prupose.we can browse any topic related to news in this website,every each and every issue is updated time to time.

This was the other news website which was one of the popular and fast news updating website.It pulls out all the news from Andhra,telangana regions and gives us all the small and big issues related to society and political.They also provided space for crime,nri news and also cover the important data regarding world issues.Movie reviews,photo gallery regarding telugu industry and local fucntions of celebrities and all the sports news are also provided in this website. was one of the most familiar news website,people who browse about all the news and most interested in political,sports issues.this was best site which provide all the updates.It contains many newspapers,articles regarding different issues and many flash news,most viewed or two a box of trends enclosed in this site.all the main news going in other channels also telecasted.there is also space for bhakti.devotional quotes and poems are also provided name itself shows us its our pure telugu news gives all the information regarding our telugu states.All the flash news and issues in telugu states and it also tells us national news running in other gives lot of chapters in aspects of education for students who prepare for different bank exams or any also have a separate sports session gives entire details about sports.apart from all these it also gives us details about technology such as mobiles and its specifications,it also gives about movie reviews and celebrity tweets time to time.

Telugu webdunia was other telugu website which was been popular very recently,but provides all the news very quickly and accurately.a perfect packed website with many circular issues in local and about all political,sports,movies,national and international.separate zone for sports and astrology,many health tips and jokes were also provided in this news website for our telugu people,each and every details were mentioned in telugu itself.

Telugu samachar website was like dictionary of news contains of all the regional languages in it.we can choose our own language to know about all the news regarding all the aspects of political and common gives live scores about cricket in website and all other information regarding sports.there is also space for indian food recipes and most popular also gives all the details about of the good samachar as said in the name itself.

It was late if we dint hear about this of the popular telugu website in the recent times,best source was given by this website.all the political,movie news and gossips were updated very fast.NRI news,library,devotional also available in this news site.sports news are also well projected in this website.all the features regarding technology,health,lifestyle are provided.editorial news,videos of many political gossips and issues are given.

this news site was in application form also and related pages are provided in different social media. was also the best website in recent times.only in name we can see andhra,but it gives all the news regarding both andhra,telangana and other telugu regions.current top business news, sports news and political were updated so soon in this news reviews,gossips and its news paper are also provided in this site.tollywood headlines with galleries and many videos are platform to get regional news.astrology,trends,interviews etc.are in this site.

‘Telugu Times’ is the First Global Telugu Newspaper  in the Media, Business in India and was published in US,but telugu paper were not contained here,they contact through websites and other social media.they give all the news about navyandhra,telangana,american news,real estates and other regional also gives more information regarding sports and politics.updates all the upcoming events in all the regional areas and also gives movie reviews.

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