Woman JE of DMSRDE jumped from a five-storey building in Kanpur, wrote the last letter to her maternal uncle

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DMSRDE JE Suicide In Kanpur There was a furore in the family after the information about the incident. The maternal grandfather, who arrived on the spot, has accused the son-in-law of harassing him for dowry and quarreling over being granddaughter. However, the incident has not been reported yet.

Kanpur, DMSRDE JE Suicide In Kanpur Female JE of DMSRDE (Defense Supplies and Stores Research and Development Establishment) committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of 60 Scientist Hostel on Tuesday. The police arrived at the notice of the incident and called the Farsink team and collected evidence. During this time, a suicide note was recovered from the body of the woman JE. On knowing about the incident, there was chaos in the family. The maternal grandfather, who arrived on the spot, has accused the son-in-law of harassing him for dowry and quarreling over being granddaughter. However, the incident has not been reported yet.

Here is the whole issue: Parmatma Sharan Tripathi, a resident of IIT Nanakari, is working as a senior assistant in the main post office. The family consists of three daughters and a son, including wife Guddi. His elder daughter, Rajni, 30, was a JE in DMSRDE. He also had the responsibility of maintaining 60 Scientist hostels. The father said that on May 2019, he married the daughter of Shivam Pandey, an engineer in a private company resident of Gujaini. A few months after the wedding, the daughter was tortured by her in-laws for dowry. Troubled by this, she started coming to the maternal house, But upon lockdown, son-in-law also came to stay at his house. It is alleged that he got into a fight with the daughter after Natin was born on 26 February. About a week ago, he went to his house after beating up his daughter and family members. Rajni was under mental stress since the incident. On Tuesday morning, the daughter left for the office with the driver from the car, asking to pass the bill of the hospital. After which in the evening they got information that the daughter committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor in the back of the hostel.

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The last thing he had with his father: The father said that at around 11 am, his daughter had spoken to her on the phone. During this, she told that she is going to the office to pay the hospital bill. He then took this step.

Finail and bullets found in the bag:

The forensic team who reached the spot have also received a phenyl bottle, sleeping pills from the woman’s bag. The phenyl bottle was open, but it was full. While six of the 15 sleeping pills did not have pills, it is feared that they may have eaten the sleeping pills before jumping.


The son-in-law had a quarrel since he was grand-daughter :

 father said that since the daughter’s marriage, the in-laws used to torture her for dowry, which was why she lived in the maiden. It is alleged that the son-in-law wanted a son. He was constantly quarreling since he was granddaughter. When he was kept in NICU due to infection with Natin, he was talking about not getting treatment and his death. A week ago the son-in-law had gone to his house after quarreling with the daughter and family members, causing the daughter to be in depression.

committing suicide from home:

The police also have phenyl and sleeping pills in Rajni’s bag, which makes it seem that she had gone out of the house thinking of suicide. She arrived at the hostel after being discharged and leaving the house to pass the hospital bill.

The shadow of the mother who was taken away by Dudhunmi’s head:

The father said that on February 26, Rajni gave birth to a daughter. There was joy in his house, while the son-in-law and in-laws were deeply disappointed. Rajni’s move also snatched the shadow of the mother from the child. 

They have this to say: Police in-charge Dadhibal Tiwari said that a suicide note has been found from the woman. In which the in-laws have written about harassing the demand of dowry and committing suicide due to harassment from the husband due to having a daughter. The woman’s husband is being interrogated for custody.